Six ways to wear a diamond-shaped scarf

The Diamond-shaped scarf is a beautiful style that can be worn in many different ways. Whether you want to wear it as a traditional neck scarf, a hair tie or even as a belt or purse scarf, this versatile shape lends itself to any occasion. 

Read on to see six of my favorite ways to tie a diamond-shaped scarf!

1. The Large Loop

The easiest of all: simply drape the scarf around your neck in a big, loose loop. You can tie the trailing end to the loop, or use a scarf clip or ring to hold it fast. 

The large loop

2. The Infinite Loop

Tie the ends of the scarf together with a very small knot. Don't leave the ends hanging from the knot. Twist the scarf into a figure 8 then pull both loops of the "8" over your head. 

3. The Neckerchief 

Wrap around your neck twice as closely as you prefer, and pull the ends through the loops you've created. 




4. The Hat Scarf

The perfect finishing touch for your broad-brimmed summer hat. Wrap it around leaving the loose ends to trail behind you in the wind. 



5. The Wristlet

Wrap around your wrist twice like a bracelet, and finish with a bow or leave the ends loose to emphasize your every gesture. 

6.  The Hair Tie

Wrap around your head as a headband or dress up with a pony-tail tie. 

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