Scarf Shawl in Green, Red, Rust, Gold, 51" Square Shawl in Silk-Cotton, gift for woman, Fractal Ethnic scarf, Tribal , Fringed on two sides
A translucent, soft blend of Silk and Cotton, large enough to wear as a shawl, delicate enough to knot and drape any way you want. Brilliant color on the front. Color on back is nearly identical to front. Hand fringed...
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Festival Scarves for Men, Fractal scarf, festival clothing, Double-sided Silky Poly-Satin Scarf Red Gold Brown, "Fractal Patchwork"
New double-sided Satin Festival Scarf features original "Fractal Patchwork" design in Red, Gold and Brown. 3D fractal pattern on beautifully draping polyester satin. Unique and eye-catching wearable mathematical art. Gold, teal green, dark browns, with lovely red accents. • Design...
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