I really love seeing my digital, algorithmically generated designs come to life on silk. The draping and translucent quality of the silk adds a random element that creates an infinite variety from each design.

My designs are created using a variety of methods: 2D and 3D fractals, geometric fractals, repeating patterns, and procedural art, created with an animated brush and tablet. 

It all started when I began experimenting with Mandelbulb 3D and other fractal applications. It quickly became an obsession, and after a few years, I had thousands of complex designs. After a while I realized that with a bit of work, these could be turned into beautiful scarves and accessories, and ScarvesByEllen began. 

Since my designs are digitally created, and very detailed, they must be digitally printed as well. I work closely with my printer who maintains excellent standards and matches my colors precisely, even on chiffon. I use a very high quality Chinese silk. It feels wonderful, and drapes beautifully. But I also experiment with other fabrics, including silk/cashmere blends or modal/silk blends. 

I started with a store on Etsy in 2014, which has now become quite a bit larger than I ever imagined it would! I opened this newer online boutique a few years later, in order to be able to present my scarves better. Both stores will give you the same great service. 

--Ellen Meiselman,



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