I really love seeing my digital, algorithmically generated designs come to life on silk. The draping and translucent quality of the silk adds a random element that creates an infinite variety from each design.

My designs are created using a variety of methods: 2D and 3D fractals, geometric fractals, repeating patterns, and procedural art, created with an animated brush and tablet. 

It all started when I began experimenting with Mandelbulb 3D and other fractal applications. It quickly became an obsession, and soon I had thousands of designs. After a while I realized that with a bit of work, these could be turned into beautiful scarves and accessories, and ScarvesByEllen began. 

I work closely with my printer who maintains excellent standards and matches my colors precisely, even on chiffon. I use a very high quality Chinese silk. It feels wonderful, and drapes beautifully.

Lately I've started experimenting with other fabrics, including silk/cashmere blends or modal/silk blends. 



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